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The Oklahoma Men's Group ( O.M.G.) was formed to bring together Oklahomans impacted by bleeding disorders.  This includes those diagnosed with a bleeding disorder (such as hemophilia A and B), a caregiver of someone with a bleeding disorder, or even a sibling who has seen how a bleeding disorder challenges their brother or sister.  Today, the Oklahoma Men's Group is working hard to engage the men of the bleeding disorder community to further OHF's mission of advocacy, education, and service.  

The O.M.G. is also a proud participant in HFA's Blood Brotherhood, a program designed to enrich the lives of those with bleeding disorders through education, activity, and fellowship.  HFA's Blood Brotherhood slogan is: "Education. Wellness. Brotherhood."  Through encouraging us to engage in active education, wellness and social programs, HFA empowers communities to build close-knit, vibrant, and active leaders taking charge within the bleeding disorders community.  

Click here for more information on HFA's Blood Brotherhood program.