OHF’s 2018 Men's Health Symposium!


May is Men’s Health Month

(Because we’ll beat everyone celebrating in June and Movember is too far away!)

OHF’s Men’s Committee is having our 3rd HFA-sponsored Blood Brotherhood event this year to celebrate Men’s Health through education, activity, and brotherhood!

When:   Wednesday, May 2nd, 6:30 PM

Where: 5600 N May Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73003

RSVP Date: April 27th

Healthier living starts with a few small steps and the first of those will start today!

Topics include:

Health & Wellness

Our partners at HFA will be coming to discuss:  “Alternative Therapies for Pain Management.”  The Men’s community will come together to discuss unique challenges and management strategies to pain management.  The goal of this session is for members to gain a deeper understanding of how to manage, discuss, and advocate for improving our quality of life through improved pain management.    


The topic at our Men’s Health forum will include “Leading Healthier Lives: Ways to Improve Health Each and Every Day.”  Community members will share individual experiences with a key focus on what works and what doesn’t!


Curious about activity that will help improve core strength, flexibility, and balance? (I am!)  OHF is excited to have an OKC yoga-master to come share tips, tricks, and get us all pumped by walking through a daily yoga routine!  Learn low-impact, gentle exercises that can improve core strength, flexibility and balance.  

Please email any inquiries to:  John at john.m.faria@gmail.com


The following registration is for individuals attending the Blood Brotherhood group activity.  This activity is open to adult men with a bleeding disorder, caregivers of an individual with bleeding disorders and siblings. 

Please note: each attendee must fill out an individual registration form for tracking and funding purposes.

Registration is now OPEN!

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