The following registration is for individuals attending an OHF Advocates Unite Dinner. Each adult attending should fill out their own form.

Registration for the OHF Advocates Unite Dinner!

It’s time we got together! This is a chance to get together to discuss as a chapter our advocacy initiatives for 2019. We have a lot to share about advocacy, current issues, advocating for our healthcare needs and we want to hear from you as well.

Please join us for a dinner: 

Who: This invitation is being sent to all OHF members interested in Advocacy. This is not an industry dinner, it is funded by NHF and OHF and will be a time for us to connect as an advocacy committee.

When: Thursday, January 17th, 6:00 pm

Where: Charlestons, 1429 W I 240 Service Rd, Oklahoma City, OK

RSVP: Please register ASAP, deadline January 14th, 2019


Contact: Kathleen Montgomery




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