Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation


Monday November 23rd, 2015


OKC, Oklahoma




Present—Jeanette Jones, Jennifer Rentschler, J.R. Brawner, Steve Henson, Bob Goodley, Sasha Cheatham, Lonny and Wayne Nivin, Javey Dallas, Saverio Anfuso.

Call In—Katie Duncan, Kelsey Pierce, Kristen Voyles


Call to order:


Kelsey Pierce calls the meeting to order. 


Red Jacket Gold

Steve Henson reviews the numbers and comments. The 22nd Red Jacket Challenge was held on Oct. 26th at Cedar Ridge Country Club.  The profit was just under 7,000, the cost was over 13,000, and the take in was $20, 000.  Overall, it was another good year, and more success could happen.  The problem is mainly teams that are not full.  We invited other people to play in order to complete the teams.  These people were also encouraged to sponsor teams in the future.  Joel can aid us more in gaining more teams.  We could improve the cost.  We are currently purchasing our own prizes.  Steve suggests that we have a golf committee that would be in charge of handling smaller details and more donations such as prizes and activity costs.  Let us plan ahead earlier to prepare these details and hopefully reduce costs.  36 teams are the max for the current facility.  Some have said that our play fee is too high.  There may need to be a new category for ‘community members’ that would be cheaper.  Underwriting sponsors would help even more.  


Women’s Group

Kristen Voyles reports about women’s group events.  There will be an event at Pinot and Pallet on Dec. 5th at 10am-12pm.  This group originated at the annual meeting.  

Kristen Voyles went to the N.O.W. meeting about Von Willebrands.  It was informative and very educational.  Everyone should go.  

Katie Duncan reports on the OKC gathering for those affected and the mothers of those affected at a spa and beauty school.  


Family Camp:

It was a great time.  Attendance was low, yet the activities were fun.  The families had a good time together.  A new family attended, and their interest was raised about attending camp.  The cost for the few families was expensive.  A committee should be formed to make future arrangements. The food was the main downside.  Should we consider a different location?  More advertisement is necessary.  


Executive Director Report: 

  • Bob Goodley gives options for the annual meeting; possibly on Aug. 26-27th. Requests for proposals will be sent soon. 
  • Susan Ball is chairing the 2016 Walk for Hemophilia.  April 23rd is the date in Tulsa at 11am at 4802 S. 109th East Ave.  Tulsa, OK 74146.  The website can begin running, then we can start collecting donations.  There might be a silent auction additionally.  
  • BOWL-A-THON raised a profit of$1,500.  38 people came.  It was a fun time.    
  • Christmas Party will be on Dec. 19th at the Edmond Community Center.  The deposit has been paid.  Fred’s Catering will be serving because they give us a good deal.   There will be singing, games, food, and SANTA!!!!!


Approval of Minutes:

Wayne Nivin. motions to approve the October 2015 minutes.  Katie Duncan. seconds.  The October 2015 minutes are approved.  


Financial Report:

Katie D. reports the finances.  The net income is $3,37.  The income is $17, 690.72.  The Expenses are $8,965.10.  The Liabilities are $91,696.65.  As of September 30th, 2015, the checking account is $63,168.99 and the savings account is $22,255.49.  As of October 9th, 2015, the CD is $5,269.51. (*refer to the financial report for updates)    

Saverio Anfuso motions to approve the September Financial Report.  Wayne Nivin seconds.  The September Financial Report is approved.  



New Business: 

  • Nathan Halloway describes an event for the Camp Independence Assistant Counselors (A.C.s).   It is proposed that they will attend an OKC Thunder basketball game.  In addition, they may stay the night in the city.  The date and time are to be announced.  There is no new information.  
  • Bob Goodley needs to call N.H.F. in regards to advocacy.  Brenda Hayes was the executive director in Dallas.  She may have some good ideas and advice.  Hopefully, a meeting can be scheduled.  
  • No dates have been set up for the Men’s Group.  There might possibly be an event at Top Golf.  The facebook page may need to be re-sent to interested parties.  
  • The next meeting date is on Jan. 11,th 2016. 




Jeanette Jones motions for adjournment.  Katie Duncan seconds.  November board meeting is adjourned.