Medical and Scientific Advisory Council (MASAC)
NHF Medical News and Research

Better You Know 
National Hemophilia Foundation
Victory For Women with Blood Disorders
Hemophilia Federation of America  
World Federation of Hemophilia
Committee of Ten Thousand (COTT)
Centers for Disease Control
LA Kelley Communications/PEN Newsletter
Oklahoma Center for Bleeding Disorders
Von Willebrand Disease
FDA Blood Products Hotline
National Patient Notification Center
Bleeding Disorder Overview

Insurance/Financial Assistance

Oklahoma High Risk Insurance
2-1-1 Oklahoma Hotline (Oklahoma Community Services)
Medicaid/Sooner Care
U.S. Dept. of Labor COBRA information

Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation Benevolence Program Call: 405 463 6634

Factor Assistance Programs

Baxter Care
Bayer Factor Solutions
CSL Behring Assurance Program
Grifols Patient Care Assistance
NovoNordisk Seven Assist Program
PSI –Patient Services Incorporated
Pfizer Factor Resource Program


Hemophilia and Kids (Video)
Bleeding Disorders Overview (Video)
Von Willebrands Disease (Video)

Scholarship Links

Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation Jason Nelson Memorial Scholarship – E-mail for information and application
Alex Lieber Memorial Scholarship
Beth Carew Memorial Scholarship
Bill McAdam Scholarship Fund – E-mail to request info
Education Advantage
Education Factor
Eric Delson Memorial Scholarship
Eric Dostie Memorial Scholarship
Hemophilia Federation of Amrieca
Hemophilia Health Services
Kevin Child Scholarship
Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship
Mike Hylton Memorial Scholarship
Millie Gonzales Memorial
Rachel Warner Scholarship
Salvatore E. Quincy Foundation
Soozie Courter Scholarship
Victory For Women Scholarship

In addition, most home care companies also have scholarship opportunities. Please check with your home care company about scholarship availability